Success for Everyone

Keeping the world of publishing in this digital era accessible to all.

Increase your publishing success by expanding access for your fans and consumers; your supporting patrons. SavoirSoft makes your digital intellectual property -- your I.P. works-of-art -- easier to discover, sell and consume by ensuring they can be licensed and distributed on your terms for the benefits of you and your patrons.

SavoirSoft provides the only micro-licensing, computing architecture for creating entirely new generations of on-line systems designed specifically for digital intellectual property rights transactions.  ...think PayPal for digital works-of-art...  Free from controlling content aggregators and costly, proprietary technologies; writers, musicians, publishers, and creators of all kinds of digital media now have powerful new ways to market, license, and safely distribute their digital I.P. and works-of-art across the Internet; substantially amplifying their income potential.  Discover micro-licensing.

What We Believe

People the world over explore, discover, learn, innovate, and are entertained by the contributions of novelists, musicians, composers, journalists, poets, playwrights, teachers, and so many other creators.  However, access to their works-of-art is often controlled by content aggreators and computing device manufacturers, not by the rightful owners and publishers of such intellectual properties.  This is due to the complexities of intellectual property rights laws.

SavoirSoft strives to significantly simplify the application of complex copyright and intellectual property licensing practices for the distribution of digital works-of-art.  Our objectives are to ensure the works of the world's creators are useable on all current AND future eReaders, tablets, computers, smart-phones, web-enabled televisions, and set-top-boxes; AND that they are widely available to all in this ever expanding, digital world.

In this regard, SavoirSoft ushers in open and secure digital distribution for digital intellectual property, works-of-art.

Your Publishing Success

Distributing your works-of-art and intellectal property digitally expands awareness of your talents, skills, and mastry; enabling you to connect with a world that values your unique contributions.  Using micro-licensing empowers you to:

  • Realize boundless recurring revenues enabled by "content-as-a-service" publishing methods capable of opening numerous distribution opportunities afforded by digital distribution;
  • Maximize consumer coverage and utility via open and freely available, non-proprietary file formats that ensure parity and access to all current AND future computing devices, and;
  • Retain your choice, control and freedom against the influence and expense of content aggregators, AND manufactures of proprietary computing devices and digital rights management systems.

You Empower Publishing Choice & Independence

eBook Distribution

Creating awareness and capturing interest in your works is difficult on the Internet.  Micro-licensing extends publishing success beyond eReaders, tablets and phones.

Article Reprints

Increase advertising reach, better understand readers' profiles and amplify your reading audience.  Open new revenue channels with secure article reprints.

Specialty Publishing

Digital distribution should not preclude physical consumption.  The Internet's vast reach and immense revenue opportunities can be safely leverage by you too.

Scholastic Journals

Leverage micro-licensing to cost effectively afford access to research and other scholarly literature.  Advance the value of learning, discovery, and innovation.