Robert Ross -- Founder & Inventor

After several years of research and systems design to address how to secure digital forms of intellectual property for distribution across the web WITHOUT requiring proprietary technologies, Robert founded SavoirSoft in 2009 to finish developing the computing architecture and systems required to secure digitally distributed I.P.  What resulted from Robert's research and development was the publishing industry's first micro-licensing computing architecture.  This unique architecture was patented in March 2010 and accepted in May 2014.  Digital Rights Content Services Architecture US-8,725,648-B2

Robert also is an avid volunteer for education, establishing the Ponderosa Enrichment Programs Committee (PEPCo, Inc.).  PEPCo is a 501c(3) charitable foundation established to support educational programs that promote greater academic growth for students of Ponderosa Elementary School, a California Distinguished School of the Santa Clara Unified School District.  

Troy Shumaker @ eCom Enterprises -- CoFounder & CTO

Troy led the development of SavoirSoft's open-publishing, micro-licensing platform.  His team at eCom Enterprises, Vijay Kumar and Payal Pingle, were instrumental in successfully developing the patented Marque-de™ platform; the foundation of SavoirSoft's micro-licensing shopping carts.  View Troy Shumaker's LinkedIn profileView Troy's profile

Ray Petty @ eCom Enterprises -- CoFounder & President

Mr. Petty, cofounded eCom Enterprises with Troy Shumaker in 1998.  Their combined, 30+ years of Internet application development expertise has helped numerous organizations deploy sophisticated enterprise and mobile applications that advance brands and expand revenues throughout the Web.  eCom Enterprises is the longest standing, continuously operating Internet application development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley.  View Ray Petty's LinkedIn profileView Ray's profile

You Empower Publishing Choice & Independence

eBook Distribution

Creating awareness and capturing interest in your works is difficult on the Internet.  Micro-licensing extends publishing success beyond eReaders, tablets and phones.

Article Reprints

Increase advertising reach, better understand readers' profiles and amplify your reading audience.  Open new revenue channels with secure article reprints.

Specialty Publishing

Digital distribution should not preclude physical consumption.  The Internet's vast reach and immense revenue opportunities can be safely leverage by you too.

Scholastic Journals

Leverage micro-licensing to cost effectively afford access to research and other scholarly literature.  Advance the value of learning, discovery, and innovation.