Digital Publishing Success

Enhancing traditions while expanding opportunities for all

The really important elements of great publishing (research, composition, editing, etc.) are not going away in our expanding digital era.  What is changing is how artists/musicians, publishers, authors, journalists, and teachers connect with and engage their patrons, readers and students.  SavoirSoft's micro-licensing architecture unlocks the immense potential of distributing your works-of-art digitally while maintaining and enhancing your intellectual property rights.

What is provides access to SavoirSoft's micro-licensing architecture for those writers and creators who want to expand their market reach. is a micro-publishing marketplace enabling its members to securely distribute and profit from digital versions of their works-of-art.  Our patented platform fortifies the protection of literary, trade, and artistic works using robust intellectual property laws in addition to traditional copyright practices.  Permitting your works-of-art to be found and securely sold across the Internet, unlocks the immense potential of micro-licensing your works to vast numbers of new patrons and fans.


Micro-publishing represents content too specialized for traditional publishing methods to distribute, whether in printed or video formats, or as digital media.  As a result, many people cannot break into and profit from the publishing business.  SavoirSoft solves this problem and enables dedicated academics; driven amateurs and passionate hobbyists; talented artists, musicians and composers; expert professionals and trade-persons; and devoted journalists and writers to reach the multitudes looking for their skills, talents and expertise.

Your Success!

SavoirSoft's micro-publishing marketplace makes it simple to profit from safely licensing your works-of-art and intellectual property in digital formats to others.  Self-Publishing your talent, expertise, and knowledge with SavoirSoft - leveraging the Web to market your digital works-of-art - expands awareness of your skills and mastry, and enables you to connect with a world that values your unique offerings and creative contributions.

You Empower Publishing Choice & Independence

eBook Distribution

Creating awareness and capturing interest in your works is difficult on the Internet.  Micro-licensing extends publishing success beyond eReaders, tablets and phones.

Article Reprints

Increase advertising reach, better understand readers' profiles and amplify your reading audience.  Open new revenue channels with secure article reprints.

Specialty Publishing

Digital distribution should not preclude physical consumption.  The Internet's vast reach and immense revenue opportunities can be safely leverage by you too.

Scholastic Journals

Leverage micro-licensing to cost effectively afford access to research and other scholarly literature.  Advance the value of learning, discovery, and innovation.