Founder's Circle

A message from the founder.  You will notice as you enjoy SavoirSoft's publishing communities and collaborate with other SavoirSoft members that there are some who have a special recognition, that of being in the "Founder's Circle."  These members have my heart-felt gratitude and deep admiration.

SavoirSoft started as a simple idea to solve a frustrating problem.  Despite the rapid adoption of social networking, there is still no easy way for most of us to locate and actually collaborate with credible professionals, talented masters, and creative experts when we need them.  The solution seemed easy enough.  Just provide a web-site where people with skills, creativity, knowledge, and experience could connect with individuals and organizations looking for their mastery.

However, like many supposed "simple fixes," the problems that emerged in developing the solution were far more complicated than they first appeared.  What was to be a six month project, turned into a decades long journey, and has now evolved into a movement of good people who do good for others.

Members of the Founder's Circle are those trusted colleagues, passionate suppliers, and devoted family and friends who never lost faith during this journey.  They offered actionable advice; provided their energy, ideas, and creativity; and gave meaningful critique.  They returned phone calls and emails, made introductions to others who could help, and they now continue to support SavoirSoft's mission.

The Founder's Circle is made up of those who individually or collectively went the extra mile in making SavoirSoft a reality, and who today carry its torch with me.  It is an honor to have such wonderful company on this journey.  I am certainly blessed.

As SavoirSoft grows and its mission and movement expands, the Founder's Circle and I are confident many other SavoirSoft members will too contribute and advance the various SavoirSoft communities.

Thank you all for being extraordinary.

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