Commercial Businesses

It is not safe to rely solely on copyright conventions to protect your digital assets.

Digitally distributing intellectual property offers new channels to market and new revenue opportunities by satisfying the desire of millions of buyers who digitally consume such content.  However, technologies that digitally replicate protected materials also make it easy to duplicate and transmit perfect copies of any data and information existing in digital form.  As a result, it is no longer feasible to rely solely on copyright conventions to protect digital assets.

Developing the systems to mitigate these "digital dilemmas" is costly.  It requires not only access to those with technical systems competence and know-how, but access to those who are experts in the intricacies of intellectual property and copyright laws and practices as well.  As many successful organizations already know, the expense of distributing digital assets through the Internet is very high.  But the opportunity costs of not doing so are also very great.

SavoirSoft solves these dilemmas by providing organizations with functionality and services that are currently unattainable without SavoirSoft's patented Marque-de™ Platform.  SavoirSoft's micro-publishing platform institutionalizes intellectual property and copyright conventions; simplifies the protection and licensing of intellectual property; and makes the distribution of copyright materials and digital works-of-art far more cost effective.

SavoirSoft offers "platform-as-a-service," "software-as-a-service," or traditional software deployments, expanding how digital works-of-art are commercialized beyond just eBooks, eReaders, and tablets.

You Empower Publishing Choice & Independence

eBook Distribution

Creating awareness and capturing interest in your works is difficult on the Internet.  Micro-licensing extends publishing success beyond eReaders, tablets and phones.

Article Reprints

Increase advertising reach, better understand readers' profiles and amplify your reading audience.  Open new revenue channels with secure article reprints.

Specialty Publishing

Digital distribution should not preclude physical consumption.  The Internet's vast reach and immense revenue opportunities can be safely leverage by you too.

Scholastic Journals

Leverage micro-licensing to cost effectively afford access to research and other scholarly literature.  Advance the value of learning, discovery, and innovation.