SavoirSoft Champions

Get paid to grow your success.  Become a SavoirSoft Champion

Not only can you self-publish on, selling your works to others looking for your talent and expertise, you can easily leverage SavoirSoft's patented, Marque-de™ micro-licensing platform to create a new business for yourself, or to expand an existing publishing business you already have.

As your clients succeed using Marque-de™, so too will you.  SavoirChampions™ profit by:  1) recruiting publishers, authors, and others to SavoirSoft;  2) running their own eCommerce publishing sites with Marque-de™; or by 3) helping organizations expand their own success using Marque-de™.

For instance, Troy Shumaker (a SavoirChampion™ featured below) and his company, have a turn-key eCommerce, Marque-de™ solution you can use for your own digital publishing web-site.  There is no need to be technically proficient or to spend a lot on development.  Marque-de™ increases your search engine ranking by being part of a constellation of other ePublishing sites enabling your works to be found by those sites also using Marque-de™.  Contact eCom Enterprises to learn how simple it is to protect and profit from digitally distributing your works and the works of authors you represent.

Like Troy, you too can represent SavoirSoft as one of its Champions.  It is a wonderful opportunity for retirees, professionals, trade-persons, those who are under-utilized, and independent authors, publishers, and non-profit associations.  Contact us to learn how you can become a SavoirChampion™.

You Empower Publishing Choice & Independence

eBook Distribution

Creating awareness and capturing interest in your works is difficult on the Internet.  Micro-licensing extends publishing success beyond eReaders, tablets and phones.

Article Reprints

Increase advertising reach, better understand readers' profiles and amplify your reading audience.  Open new revenue channels with secure article reprints.

Specialty Publishing

Digital distribution should not preclude physical consumption.  The Internet's vast reach and immense revenue opportunities can be safely leverage by you too.

Scholastic Journals

Leverage micro-licensing to cost effectively afford access to research and other scholarly literature.  Advance the value of learning, discovery, and innovation.